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Adobe AIR: the misunderstood

Adobe AIR Some people, and rightly so, discuss the usefulness of Adobe AIR, Adobe Integrated Runtime (formerly Apollo) offered by Adobe. What are we talking about? After all AIR is still a beta ( the latest release is 12/12/2007 - beta 3 ), and its success, we'll see whether understood or not, depends on many factors.

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Flash and code reuse: components and shared libraries

In the spirit of object-oriented programming is natural to make components for reuse in other projects, especially if these components are general-purpose. The use of classes is definitely a first step in the reuse of code, however, often, these classes are linked to the MovieClip also extremely complex. Thus was born the need to "import" is the ActionScript class (which is very easy), but also all the symbols associated with it.

Creating Components in Flash

Flash Components This road is certainly the more correct from a strictly logical point of view. However, at least in the version of Flash MX to create a component that at least comes close to those provided by the development environment is no small feat. ) e la scrittura estremamente accurata della classe legata al nostro componente. The components, in fact, especially those visual, require a whole series of procedures (such as the inclusion of the interfaces UIObject or UIComponent ) and writing extremely accurate class related to our component. But the fact remains that create a component is an interesting experience to do, but the development time is truly remarkable. In addition, a component as you have to support the mode in designtime or author-that does nothing more than offer a preview of what will happen at runtime. You can associate an icon, and documentation can be perfectly integrated in the IDE Flash, complete with intellisense when writing code. So here you choose this path involves an expenditure of considerable time, probably reserved for special projects where, for example, is precisely the objective component of the project.
We are a software house specializing in the production of components for Flash, as both free and paid products. Thus excluding the components extremely simple, for example where there is no user interface, this method is excellent but temporalemte expensive and therefore not used in the majority of cases.

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