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FireFox 3.5.7: how to fix the defect of the rounded edges of an image

Sometimes you just have to move an item, changing point of view, to solve a seemingly insurmountable problem. When you then have to deal with cross-browser compatibility and CSS, invent solutions "spectacular" (stunts would say) is on the agenda. , per Safari e Google Chrome. What I show you is a simple way to apply rounded corners to images using -moz-border-radius , which is available for Mozilla Firefox and -webkit-border-radius , Safari, and Google Chrome.

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Web Analytics

More about Web analytics The analysis of accesses to a Web site is an argument vast and interesting. The majority of the time the analysis is carried out by tools such as Google Analitycs , Woopra , Reinvigorate , etc ... However, for the more technically savvy, might come to mind to build their own personal analysis tool, or simply take a look at "mysterious" log file from our Web Server. Council, then, reading Web Analytics by David Vasta, text useful to understand in detail all the processes that lie behind the tracking of accesses.

The guide is very comprehensive as it analyzes every aspect that revolves around the topic of Web Analitycs. Also useful advice addressed to the coder, who develops Web pages, how to use "correctly" tag and attribute. List below the main topics discussed in the text, highlighting, in my opinion, the most interesting and useful to the "coder", ie those that do not directly affect SEO analysis:

  • The Basics of Web Analytics: log files and metrics
  • The analysis tools
  • Preliminary analysis: visits, bounce rate, page views, navigation paths, an output link
  • Historical analysis, seasonal and geographical
  • Analysis of keywords and relevant pages
  • Analysis for referrers and KPI
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Real-time analysis
  • Serach engine marketing (SEM) and Web Analytics
  • Analysis Tools for logs
  • Increase the visibility of a website
  • Legal Aspects of Web Analytics

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Simple Slider jQuery 1.1.0

l'attributo rel in questo modo: Taking a cue from the suggestion of Santino Bivacqua I added Simple jQuery Slider can set for each slide a timeOut different, inserting tags in li the attribute rel in this way:

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Simple jQuery Slider

Simple jQuery Slider allows you to quickly create a slide show feature from a simple list UL/LI :

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jQuery Plugin footer caption: add captions to images

jquery.footercaption.js is a plugin for jQuery able to dynamically add captions to images and other elements on the page ( click here for a demo).

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Internet Explorer: the biggest viral campaign ever made?

Browsers are an essential tool today and most probably the best-known software application in circulation. At one time this record belonged to applications such as Microsoft Word, today the podium is occupied by the application that has revolutionized computing, communication, and perhaps the entire world. Due to its simplicity, the browser has spread rapidly and adaptive skills that few other applications have been able to show: cross platforms (multi-platform) and cross devices (multi-device).
Surfing on the Internet is possible thanks to the browser; we can use it as a PC, a Mac, a handheld, the new "mobile phones".

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Create a simple feed reader with SimplePie and jQuery

SimplePie is a PHP library able to greatly simplify the retrieval and manipulation of RSS feed or, more generally, of XML formats. You can, for example, write a few lines of code, exploiting also some "funzioncina" jQuery , to create a News Ticker to join our website / blog.

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Adobe AIR APIs and Feedburner: reloaded

I take inspiration from the excellent tutorial Napolux , Flex 3 and Adobe AIR APIs Feedburner , which shows how to write a simple application (or widget) Adobe AIR using Flex 3, to show how to accomplish the same thing using Adobe Flash CS3. If you wish, also, you can take advantage of the extension for the creation of Adobe AIR applications. It is not necessary for the purposes of this tutorial, build the application executable AIR; you can use the code proposed as a simple Flash movie to "attach" to your Web pages

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SWFObject Google AJAX Libraries API

swfobject Google AJAX Libraries API expands its fleet of libraries and frameworks also SWFObject , very useful for inserting and manipulating Flash movies on our Web pages

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Create your Desktop with Google Chrome and FireFox?

Google Chrome allows you to create desktop applications from a web page? In fact, as indicated in the menu item, it is just possible to create a shortcut to a shortcut which - in turn - opens a window without address bar and without all the "frills" of the browser. This does not mean that we have created a desktop application; we just created a link to the same Google Chrome mode - so to speak-chrome-less.

Feature simle, but more ambitious, had already been proposed by the Mozilla Foundation in 2007, through the project PRISM . This is definitely the most versatile and articulate, also accompanied by a useful extension that allows you to create desktop applications menu of FireFox, like Google Chrome .

However, both solutions are far from the technology Adobe AIR . Before anyone to confuse it should be noted the substantial differences between a desktop shortcut that opens a window with a menu and a desktop application and its true.
Adobe AIR , in fact, unlike the solutions offered by Google Chrome and Prism allows you to:

  • Virtually complete access to the system running the application, with the ability to read and write files. Possibility to extend its functionality through DLLs (dynamic link library), extensions, and third-party products such as SHU Player (see Deploying Adobe AIR applications: AIR Badge at SHU Player )
  • Manages the application as the other system applications: Install and Uninstall

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