5 extensions for FireFox to be devoted to the Web Developer

One of the huge advantages of Mozilla FireFox , as compared to other browsers, it was, it still is, to possess a large amount of free extensions that allow you to customize and extend the application. As a web developer I can not - now - without it some useful extensions that help me in the construction, inspection and maintenance of Web pages


FireBug A "must" for all Web developers is probably the most advanced editing and real-time debugging of Web pages on the Internet today. Certainly exceeds in usability and functionality (as well as in Plugins and extensions available) also control tools supplied with WebKit (see Safari and Chrome) and the new Explorer 8.

Web Developer

Web Developer Along with this FireBug extension allows you to activate a handy toolbar with many functions, useful for debugging and monitoring of pages: cache control, meta, css styles, javascript engine, cookies, form, immgaini, highlighting tools, measures, resizing the browser window, check the generated source and any frames iframe, etc ...

HTML Validator

HTML Validator This extension I discovered recently and I was really amazed at the precision and ease of use. It allows you to perform a series of checks on the syntax of the pages so as to blow out errors markup tags or misused or not closed. Convenient especially to those developed with WordPress or similar systems, where a page is built with various parts (header, body, footer and sidebar) difficult to examine and display as one.

Note: This extension is indicated on the repository as Mozilla NOT available for MacOS systems. However, if you go to the page developer , you find all versions instead. In fact, I use it safely on my Mac!


YSlow Manufactured by Yahoo, YSlow is an add-on FireBug and allows for extremely advanced in the pages of the report that we are developing! With lots of votes! From the analysis it is possible to obtain a series of suggestions - often very useful - to improve the stability and performance of our web pages


CodeBurner This extension is present both as an add-on FireBug, both as a stand-alone extension for FireFox. They are also developing versions in Adobe AIR and Adobe Dreamweaver. Code Burner provides a contextual Help - evolved - the HTML markup and CSS, indicating the cross-browser compatibility, general information, syntax, and another example:


  • http://www.dreamsworld.it/emanuele/ Emanuele

    Like you point out YSlow Page Speed ​​, an optimizer developed by Google (initially for internal purposes and then released to the public!).
    HTML Validator is very useful! ;-)

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    @ Emanuele: interesting ... : D nice alternative ... i try it now : D

  • miki64

    Um ... sorry, but you point out a spelling error:
    "Do without some useful espensioni"
    you should replace the "p" with a "t".

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    @ Miki64: oops ... correct ... thanks : D

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    Point out, for completeness, also the Plugin Aviary that provides all the functions of screen-capture! It runs on Mac OS and, in many diferrena offers more online services such as screen-capture via URL and online editor written in Adobe Flex: Very well made, allow you to quickly add more info to our screenshots!