WordPress Plugin: Flash Feed Scroll Reader

Taking a cue from the post Create a simple feed reader with SimplePie and jQuery , I created the first WordPress Plugin weblog Saidmade . Flash Feed Scroll Reader uses SimplePie to create a PHP proxy to access different addresses feed. For the effect of scroll I chose Flash as a matter of performance! Although you can create the same effect with Javascript libraries such as jQuery , the fluidity offered by Flash is definitely higher, allowing you to not slow down the system too. In addition, the plugin uses the libreiria SWFObject to insert the Flash movie in the blog. In this release, you can set the behavior of the scroller directly from the control panel. Future versions will be able to pass additional parameters to the PHP function to add multiple scrollers on the same page.

  • http://maurizio.mavida.com maurizio

    If I can afford to tip for a future release I would try to make parametrizzatile directly call php url of the feed so you can read and display more than one RSS feed.
    Moreover, when they have flash, it would be nice to have available two or three types of effect in addition to the classic fadein.

    one last thing: I've seen that in the options parameter is present in the background but not on the color of the text. and if one has the dark like your blog and want the white text?

  • Julius http://www.juliusdesign.net

    Interesting plugin bravo Thu ;)

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    @ Julius: thanks dear : D

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    @ Maurizio:

    and if one has the dark like your blog and want the white text?

    Maurizio great suggestions! For the font color, or rather link, simply edit the style.css file that came with the plugin, or - from the options panel - make it load a different one.

  • d

    Interesting plugin

  • http://cbctechnical.com Chris Batchelor

    Nice plugin. But I Seem to have a problem with it. The preview on the admin side works great, but once I drop the code it to the homepage, it will not show up on the page.

  • http://www.undolog.com Giovan Battista Fazioli

    @ Chris Batchelor: Fix Bugs in release :) Now work properly! Thanks

  • Uramishi


    Votre plugin east intéressant, je l'ai sur ma page poids et à merveille fonctionne the east ... Mais ce qu'il y'a the possibilité de faire défiler the gauche à droite de flux rss?

    Merci à vous.